Contact Profiler

Reward & Redeem

“Credits” can be awarded to panel members for their participation in jobs. You decide what their participation is worth, and what rewards you want to offer. For example, a completed survey may be worth $4 (400 credits), whereas a screenout is only worth 25c (25 credits).

Give credit where it’s due

Everything that a respondent does can be rewarded – completing a screener (passing or failing) and completing the survey are the two most common times a respondent should receive credit. You can set the rewards to provide to people on a job by job basis – the bigger the survey, the more credits a person can be awarded.

Provide attractive rewards

Contact Profiler’s rewards system is designed to support whatever rewards you want to provide your panel members. Usually, they are in the form of vouchers or gift cards. You decide what you want to provide and what suppliers you want to use. Add the graphics and the value of the rewards, and Contact Profiler can deal with the rest.

Distribute rewards efficiently

Contact Profiler’s redemption management system provides everything you need to manage the redemption of the rewards you provide. Advanced features include support for electronic redemptions and card activations. The latter in particular is a great guard against fraudulent claims – all cards mailed to members are of no value until they have been activated. Activation requests prove a card was received.