Contact Profiler

Meet your quotas

Contact Profiler makes creation of Quotas and “Watched Counts” for your Web jobs easy. Quotas ensure you only get the number of people you want of a particular type, and no more – you don’t want to overpay for people you don’t need. Watched Counts simply keep track of how many people of a certain type are in your job.

Set quotas to manage your responses

Each person who completes the screener can be put into an appropriate quota. Someone who meets multiple quotas will be automatically allocated to the quota with the poorest fill-rate, ensuring the best possible chance to fill all quotas evenly. If someone passes the screener, but all quotas they may be appropriate are full, they will be a “quota out”, and will not be required to complete the survey.

Use watched counts to view job status

“Watched Counts” are attributes you want to keep an eye on. You can use them to answer questions like:

Unlike quotas, a person can be included in multiple watched counts, and they do nothing more than provide an indication of the makeup of your job contacts.

Build it or script it

Both quotas and watched counts can be either built using the rule builder, or can be fully scripted for the ultimate in flexibility.