Contact Profiler

Beat the cheats

Contact Profiler has full integration with Optimus from Peanut Labs. Optimus is a patent-pending software technology developed to eliminate fraudulent online responses in order to combat the growing data quality crisis in online market research. Optimus provides a solution to bad respondents by detecting the following: respondents who take the same survey more than once; respondents who are part of multiple panels; respondents who speed through surveys; respondents who are taking surveys outside specified countries; and more.

Start taking fingerprints

Optimus™ is a new digital fingerprinting technology that improves data quality by accurately identifying and flagging suspect respondents as defined by you in real-time from any sample source across the market research industry.

Get benefits without any costs

Optimus™ is free, and can work with any existing survey tool or methodology. It uses patent-pending algorithms to filter out suspect survey respondents that have been shown to significantly bias research results, without altering the respondent experience in any way.

Use certified technology

As a member of CASRO, ARF, CMOR and ESOMAR, Optimus™ and other Peanut Labs™ services comply with industry guidelines and standards. Optimus™ does not collect or process any personally identifiable information. The technology has also been certified by the US Department of Commerce to be EU Safe-Harbor compliant.