Contact Profiler

Pre-screen respondents

Web surveys often have screening as part of the survey process. You can move all or part of this screening into Contact Profiler – only appropriate people get a chance to do the survey. This is particularly useful if you are using a Survey tool that charges per response.

The survey before the survey…

Like all job types within Contact Profiler, Web jobs can use a screener form to screen people before they participate in the job. For Web jobs, this means pre-screening before starting a Web survey. There are a number of reasons you may want to do this:

  1. You don’t want to waste money on per-transaction costs in your survey system, so it’s better to “screen-out” people in Contact Profiler before they can even begin the survey
  2. You want to keep some of the information you are collecting in Contact Profiler itself – if all the screening is done in the survey, Contact Profiler can not benefit from this information
  3. The survey tool you are using may be less flexible than the fully scriptable rules available in Contact Profiler, so you need to do complex pre-screening before getting to the survey

Pass the data along

You don’t want to be asking the same information twice, so data in the screener can be passed to the survey system, ensuring that it is contained in the survey data without needing to ask the respondent for the information again.

Highlight suspiciopus respondents

By running the screener in Contact Profiler, you have an added advantage that you have access to the full profile details for the person completing the screener. You can therefore validate their answers against known details to pick up people who appear to be lying on their screener.

Run the survey you want

An advanced feature is the ability to send people from different respondent types to different surveys. If you have a Web job with two distinct groups of people, this allows you to use the screener as a “traffic cop” – passing people to the survey that is appropriate for them.