Contact Profiler

Stratify your Candidates

Contact Profiler provides the same panel searching tools for all types of jobs. The “stratified” find capabilities of the software are particularly useful for Web jobs, where you are dealing with large numbers of people, and you want exactly the right mix of respondents. Target exact mixes of men, women, age groups or any other data that is needed for your job.

Build your rules

“Stratified Respondent Types” can be built for any job, but they are particularly useful for Web Jobs. Contact Profiler allows you to select the exact makeup of your sample by entering percentages of each attribute you require. For example, you could look for 50% men, 50% women, and within each gender get 30% smokers and 70% non-smokers. If you find 100 people, you will be provided with a sample that has 15 male smokers, 15 female smokers, 35 male non-smokers and 35 female non-smokers.

Top-up as needed

As with all respondent types, you can simply request more sample as needed without having to set up your rules again. If you want to change the makeup of the returned sample, you can “tweak” your respondent type before running the search.

Keep track of your searches

A report is produced for every stratified search made. This makes it simple to review past searches to see the breakdown of people that were returned in the search.