Contact Profiler

Online Research Job Management

Contact Profiler will work with all major Web survey software systems – providing quality panel respondents to a survey, and processing response codes after a survey is complete to ensure panel members are properly rewarded. For even better integration, Contact Profiler talks directly to our Professional Quest Survey tool.

Stratify your Candidates

Contact Profiler provides the same panel searching tools for all types of jobs. The “stratified” find capabilities of the software are particularly useful for Web jobs, where you are dealing with large numbers of people, and you want exactly the right mix of respondents. Target exact mixes of men, women, age groups or any other data that is needed for your job.

Pre-screen respondents

Web surveys often have screening as part of the survey process. You can move all or part of this screening into Contact Profiler – only appropriate people get a chance to do the survey. This is particularly useful if you are using a Survey tool that charges per response.

Beat the cheats

Contact Profiler has full integration with Optimus from Peanut Labs. Optimus is a patent-pending software technology developed to eliminate fraudulent online responses in order to combat the growing data quality crisis in online market research. Optimus provides a solution to bad respondents by detecting the following: respondents who take the same survey more than once; respondents who are part of multiple panels; respondents who speed through surveys; respondents who are taking surveys outside specified countries; and more.

Meet your quotas

Contact Profiler makes creation of Quotas and “Watched Counts” for your Web jobs easy. Quotas ensure you only get the number of people you want of a particular type, and no more – you don’t want to overpay for people you don’t need. Watched Counts simply keep track of how many people of a certain type are in your job.

Reward & Redeem

“Credits” can be awarded to panel members for their participation in jobs. You decide what their participation is worth, and what rewards you want to offer. For example, a completed survey may be worth $4 (400 credits), whereas a screenout is only worth 25c (25 credits).