Contact Profiler

Produce Reports

Signing sheets, attendance reports and external recruiter payment reports can all be generated within Contact Profiler. Contact Profiler has the most flexible report designer in the business – all reports are designed by you in Microsoft Word!

Use the ultimate report designer

All reports used in Contact Profiler are based upon layout templates set up by you in Microsoft Word. This means you can use all the power of Word and the reports will come out perfectly – add headers, footers, logos, and any content in whatever font you wish and Contact Profiler will add the pertinent information into that report.

Get all the reports you need

Various versions of the attendance sheet report can be produced – one for signing by participants, another for the moderator with additional information on each of the attendees. You can even include automatically generated codes on the report if you need to match the attendees with another system that will be used at the venue for the attendees to give their opinions.

Produce reports in the format you want

All reports can be produced as native Word Documents or PDF files. If you produce them as Word Documents, you can edit as needed before printing the final reports. If you want to make sure the reports aren’t editable, you can produce them as PDF files.