Contact Profiler

Confirm Attendance

People may say they can make a group, but will they really come? Not always, unfortunately. Contact Profiler gives you the best shot at getting people to attend. Attendance confirmations can be sent out by Email and/or SMS, and people are asked to confirm their own attendance. Only those that don’t make contact need to be followed up with a phone call.

Keep track of your groups

It is important to know how your job is progressing at any point in time – and there is nothing more important that knowing whether enough people with the right attributes will be attending your groups. Contact Profiler provides live counts of people in you recruitment jobs based upon types, groups they are allocated to, quotas and watched counts. You have everything you need to immediately determine how your job is progressing.

Allow people to self-confirm their attendance

Attendance details can be Emailed to participants, ensuring that they know where they are going for their group (including full directions and other details in a PDF attachment for their specific venue). The attendance confirmation Email also includes a link for the person to confirm their attendance, or alternatively decline attendance and provide details.

Send a second round of confirmations

Self-confirmation will allow you to confirm a majority of the people who will be attending groups. There will always be a small group of people who don’t respond, however. For these people, an SMS followup is usually the most efficient way of getting a quick confirmation from them.

Fill in the gaps

Often the hardest, and most time critical thing you have to do is finalise numbers and get those last few people into groups to meet your quotas. Contact Profiler does everything possible to make this process efficient and timely. Extra people can be sent an invitation, existing people in particular respondent types could be revisited, and timeslot preferences can be used – directly from the “reserves” tab, which shows everyone who is a valid participant, but has not been allocated yet.