Contact Profiler

Allocate with Ease

Allocation can be a time consuming process. Contact Profiler gives you everything you need to massively reduce this burden. If you want, you can let all people who pass the screener allocate themselves to a timeslot in a valid group. Alternatively you might just want them to indicate their preferences so you can allocate them yourself. Quotas and watched counts ensure you get the right numbers of people, and you can keep track of how close you are to your required targets.

Allocate automatically

You can allocate people in one of three ways:

  1. Manually pick people from an appropriate respondent type and place them into a group
  2. Allow people to choose their preferred groups and times. You still allocate manually, but you use their preferences as a guide
  3. Give respondents the ability to allocate themselves to the group and time they want

The third option is the most efficient – people will only be shown groups that they should be allowed to attend (based upon their respondent type) and once groups are full they will no longer be available for allocation.

Allocate as needed

If you are falling short on attendees for your job, the entire process – from finding panel sample through to allocation, can be run on additional “top-up” people. You can even send a self-service attendance Email to existing people in the job if your quotas or rules have changed, and more people are now appropriate for your job. The entire process is completely flexible, and can change as quickly as your client’s mind does!