Contact Profiler

Automate Screening

Contact Profiler’s screening capabilities are easy to implement, and provide a high level of confidence in finding the appropriate people for your job. A simple “terminate rules” editor allows you to screen out the majority of the inappropriate people –those that are the wrong age, for example, or who have never even heard of the product you want opinions on. Those that pass these basic rules can then be targeted more specifically using fully scripted screener pass rules that can use calculations and complex data comparisons.

Get to the specifics

You can ask anything and everything in a screener. Screening provides multiple benefits, including:

  1. Ensuring the people who participate in your job meet your requirements
  2. Adding to what you already know about your panel members, by adding data to their profile attributes
  3. Providing enough details for your to categorise people to pass the screener into whatever “pools” of valid participants you need

Cull quickly

The last thing your panel members are going to want to do is spend a lot of time completing a screener that eventually screens them out. The last thing you want is to have fundamentally inappropriate people involved in your job (ie. people of an inappropriate age, gender etc. for your job). Terminate rules solve both of these issues by quickly “terminating” people who do not meet your requirements.

Categorise appropriately

If someone passes all your terminate rules, they may still be required to meet more stringent criteria – such as answering three questions about the product you are researching in a particular way. These rules can be scripted into “screener pass rule” respondent types. If a respondent passes the rules set down for a pass rule, they will be categorised into that respondent type.