Contact Profiler

Find Likely Candidates

Likely candidates can come from your own panel, from an external source, or a mixture of both. If you use your own panel, you can be as targeted as your existing data allows. Sometimes, all you can start with is the age, gender and location of possible candidates, which is not a problem, since automated screening can “zero in” on the people you really want in your job.

Define the types of people you need

One or more “respondent types” can be set up in a recruitment job and used for finding your initial selection of possible participants. You can define the “rules” that you want to apply when looking for these people – for example, they may need to be female, and between 18-24 years of age. You can use any attributes you have set up in your panel to make your targetting as specific as possible.

Load sample as needed

Once a respondent type is set up, it can be thought of as a saved set of attributes that can be used whenever needed to find more possible participants from your panel. Loading sample is as simple as choosing the type of person you want, how many you need to find, and, if applicable, location requirements (based upon GPS encoding).

Use other sources as needed

Mixing panel members with people from other sources in the one job is not a problem. “External contacts” can be entered one at a time, imported, or may be pumped into your job using Contact Profiler’s external recruitment tools.