Contact Profiler

End-to-end Recruitment Management

Finding people to attend recruitment jobs, scheduling them and following them up can be time consuming and frustrating. Contact Profiler streamlines all of the administration involved in these processes so that you can focus on doing more work in less time.

Find Likely Candidates

Likely candidates can come from your own panel, from an external source, or a mixture of both. If you use your own panel, you can be as targeted as your existing data allows. Sometimes, all you can start with is the age, gender and location of possible candidates, which is not a problem, since automated screening can “zero in” on the people you really want in your job.

Automate Screening

Contact Profiler’s screening capabilities are easy to implement, and provide a high level of confidence in finding the appropriate people for your job. A simple “terminate rules” editor allows you to screen out the majority of the inappropriate people –those that are the wrong age, for example, or who have never even heard of the product you want opinions on. Those that pass these basic rules can then be targeted more specifically using fully scripted screener pass rules that can use calculations and complex data comparisons.

Confirm Attendance

People may say they can make a group, but will they really come? Not always, unfortunately. Contact Profiler gives you the best shot at getting people to attend. Attendance confirmations can be sent out by Email and/or SMS, and people are asked to confirm their own attendance. Only those that don’t make contact need to be followed up with a phone call.

Allocate with Ease

Allocation can be a time consuming process. Contact Profiler gives you everything you need to massively reduce this burden. If you want, you can let all people who pass the screener allocate themselves to a timeslot in a valid group. Alternatively you might just want them to indicate their preferences so you can allocate them yourself. Quotas and watched counts ensure you get the right numbers of people, and you can keep track of how close you are to your required targets.

Produce Reports

Signing sheets, attendance reports and external recruiter payment reports can all be generated within Contact Profiler. Contact Profiler has the most flexible report designer in the business – all reports are designed by you in Microsoft Word!