Contact Profiler

Tweak registration

Contact Profiler’s registration system is designed to ensure you have everything you need to track a panel member. You can tweak what is seen during the registration process to meet the specific needs of your panel – choose what data you need, and what data is mandatory.

Full registration functionality, no setup required

Valid registration of Panel Members is critical to the efficient running of your panel. Fortunately, Contact Profiler provides full registration capabilities without the need for any setup. The system ships with a base set of signup attributes that are specifically tied to the default registration setup. The data tracked includes gender, birth date and address details.

Choose additional registration data with one click

Each panel is different, and Contact Profiler caters for these variations without making the setup of your registration process too laborious. Various “one-click” setup options include:

Populate attributes from registration details

Registration is all about getting certain information about a person so that they are a valid panel member. This would include their full name, gender and birth date. All of these things are also relevant to recruitment searches. Rather that confuse the issue, searching can not be done directly on registration data. Contact Profiler automatically populates attributes from registration data as part of the registration process. This can include custom attributes that have been set up to determine how a person heard about the panel, and what types of jobs the panel member is willing to be involved with.