Contact Profiler

Set your content

Every Panel created in Contact Profiler is unique. Forget “one size fits all” – we understand that the content and flow of your panel Web will differ depending on the type and content of the panel. We have therefore given you complete freedom over the pages and menus to be used for the Panel Member Portal – take our powerful widgets and place them exactly where you need them, surrounded by your own custom content.

Start with the basics

All panels need some foundation pages to manage basic capabilities such as registration of new members, resetting lost passwords, and providing access to Emails, transactions and personal details. Contact Profiler ships with a complete, fully functioning example panel called “MyPanel” that includes basic content for all of these “system” pages. The quickest and simplest way to get up and running is to work through these pages and modify the content to suit your needs.

Add custom content

Any amount of custom content can be added to you panel using Contact Profiler’s complete content management system. You can add content to system pages, or create completely new pages that can be accessed from other pages, or through the menu system.

Set up your site structure

The menus shown to panel members are completely customisable. You can choose to use anything from the most basic menu system through to a full, multi-level menu that provides access to a large number of different content pages.

Show the right content to the right people

Different menus appear depending upon whether a person is logged in to your site, or browsing anonymously. This provides a great opportunity for you to advertise the benefits of your panel to people before they join – you “sell” you site to the anonymous browsers, then provide functionality to people once they are logged in.