Contact Profiler

Run a campaign

Campaign management tools within Contact Profiler make it easy to track how people found your panel. Tracking “pixels” can be set up for commercial online recruiters, and individual contact lists can be set up to track individual campaigns you run for yourself (in print campaigns, online advertising etc.)

Create custom campaigns

Contact Profiler’s campaign management tools allow you to use a different registration link for each group of people you are attracting to your site. Whether you are attracting people from print, online advertising or even search engines, each source can be given a different link that “tags” the respondent when they register.

Double opt-in ensures registrations are real

All registrations to you panel are “double opt-in”, which means a prospective panel member must click on an activation link that is emailed to them before they become an active panel member. This immediately “weeds out” fake email addresses, or members that can’t receive emails from you (due to their spam filtering, or other technical difficulties that you have no control over).

Get more than just registration details

You campaign link can include a pre-screener, which can contain additional information you wish to know before someone can register. This gives you the option of only allowing certain types of people to register for that campaign (for example, people who use a particular product). Alternatively, you could let everyone register – the pre-screener is used simply as a way of getting people to partially complete their profile as part of the registration process.

Implement a referrals system

Contact Profiler’s “refer a friend” tools make referral management easy. You decide what the bonus received for referring a friend is. For example, you may offer up to $3 (300 credits) for each referral. The credits are paid when the person referred completes surveys, and a rate of 50%. Therefore, to get the full $3 referral credit, a person must refer a friend who makes at least $6 completing jobs for you.