Contact Profiler

Manage panel members

Once you have a panel member, your primary goals are to use them in jobs wisely, keep them interested, and reward them for their effort. Contact Profiler has all the tools you need to achieve these goals.

Track member participation

While there are many measures of a panel member’s activities within your panel, we offer a simple, accurate view of participation – a member’s “Participation Index”. This is a score out of 10 that is based on everything a panel member has done within the panel. Put simply, a person with an index of 9.2 is a much more active panel member than a person with an index of 5.4.

Target possible problem members

Members with low participation levels, or who haven’t been active for a period of time can easily be found and targeted. What you do with them is up to you – send them a special offer in exchange for updating their profile, for example, or simply send them a friendly newsletter reminding them why being part of your panel is so beneficial.

Spread the spoils

Targeting people with lower credit balances, or perhaps newer members that are yet to take part in jobs, is easy. By specifically choosing the type of people you are after based upon more than just their own attributes, you have the opportunity to keep more people engaged for a longer period of time. You can even set up a survey that goes out to all people who register a certain number of days after registration – ensuring they will be immediately involved, even if you don’t have a specific job for them in the first week or two that they joined.

Set the rewards, and make redemption easy

The rewards system in Contact Profiler has been designed to support a number of different types of rewards. Many of our users like to provide physical gift cards, for example, while others like to provide rewards that can be redeemed electronically through Email. Whatever rewards you choose, Contact Profiler’s redemptions system makes processing rewards for panel members efficient and accurate.