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Choose your data

We start you off with some standard pieces of information (what we call “attributes”) we know you’ll need for your panel members (like gender), but that is just the beginning. You can add any data you want on top of these basic details. You choose the data to add, and how to group and display it to a Panel Member. Additional attributes can be added at any time.

Select the type of data to collect

Pick from over 10 different types of data for each of your attributes, including lists, text, dates, numbers and numbers with lists. Anything you could possibly want to track about a panel member will fit into one of the data types provided.

Maximise data validity

Once you know what type of data you are after, you can set formatting that relates specifically to that type of attribute. If you want to allow selection from a list, for example, you need to provide the list items. Alternatively, if you want text to be entered, you will need to explain how much text is allowed. All options have been designed to ensure the responses you get from your panel members will be valid and useful when it comes to actually using the data.

Make data self-maintainable

Each attribute you add for a Panel Member can be made accessible to the member in the Panel Member Portal. You can organise data logically in Profile Forms so that panel members can clearly understand each topic you would like completed. These forms are presented to a panel member with colour-coding indicating their current level of completion, making it very clear what data is missing from their profile.

Keep adding as required

New attributes can be added to your panel as and when needed. You can wait for panel members to complete these new attributes when they next visit your site, or you could send them an invitation to complete the attributes immediately (in cases where their response to these attributes is needed for an upcoming job).