Contact Profiler

Track Anything

Members may have any number of “attributes” attached to them. Examples of attributes include gender, birth date and even whether a person likes a certain type of cereal. A member may self-manage the content of their attributes through the Online Members Portal. xxx

Set your attributes

An “attribute” is a piece of data you want to track for each member in your panel. Contact Profiler has more than 10 types of attributes to choose from, including lists, text, numerics and dates. You can organise attributes into your own categories, and pick and choose which attributes will be provided to panel members for completion.

Build your forms

Profile Forms can be created to contain your attributes in a structured manner for your panel members to complete. Advanced capabilities include page and question hiding rules. For example, one attribute may ask whether you subscribe to cable television, and another attribute may ask you which cable television stations you watch. The second attribute will display only if the first attribute is answered “yes”.

Collect your data

The primary method of data collection is through the Members Portal – Panel Members can self-manage the data you have about them (attributes are not mandatory – it is up to each panel member to decide how much they tell you – the more they tell you the more likely they will get chosen for a job!). Incomplete forms are highlighted to assist with completion, and a widget makes it easy for a panel member to see how much of their profile they have completed.

Target your recruitment

When you need to use your panel members in a particular job, they can be categorised and searched for using respondent types. For basic searches, “simple rules” can be used, and for more advanced categorisation advanced rules can be created using scripting – taking a mixture of panel data and screener data to work out whether someone is a suitable candidate for a particular job.