Contact Profiler

Screen Job Participants

Screener questionnaires can be set up for each job you run in Contact Profiler. They can be used to find out new information, or confirm existing profile data. Screeners can update a member’s profile if needed, or questions can be job-specific “one-off” questions. A powerful “terminate rules” editor makes “screening out” unsuitable candidates for a particular job a simple “point-and-click” affair.

Build your screener

Screener content can come from a number of sources – copied questions from prior screeners or profile attributes, linked profile attributes or completely new questions just for a particular job. You have all the power and flexibility that the profile form system contains at your fingertips – including the use question and page hiding rules.

Boost your knowledge

Linking a screener question to a profile attribute does more than just make the screener question a cinch to add – it gives you a way to populate each respondent’s profile with permanent up-to-date information ready for the next job that requires the same data. Maybe you need to find people who shop at a certain retailer – why not get a complete picture of the retailers your panel members shop at and keep that in your panel data ready for your next retail job?

Terminate quickly

There are inevitably a series of simple “terminate” conditions for most jobs – based on gender, age, use of a particular product, whether they are a decision maker etc. Contact Profiler’s “terminate rules” system makes ridding your sample of these people a point and click affair. This is the first “rough cut” of candidates based upon suitability. Often this is all you will need to get the people you require. If not, you can “tighten the net”…

Tighten the net

Contact Profiler’s respondent type system is the most powerful way to screen respondents in the business. If required, rules can be fully scripted, and use complex logic and calculations.

Meet your quotas

People who meet the rules in a particular respondent type can be further categorised into the exact quotas you are after. If someone meets two or more quotas, the system automatically allocates them to the quota that is hardest to fill, giving you the best chance to fill all your quotas.