Contact Profiler

Save time & money

The biggest “feature” of Contact Profiler is simply that it can save you significant amounts of time and money. Contact Profiler has taken all the data out of the myriad of spreadsheets and “home-brew” databases that many of our clients have used in the past and transformed it into a powerful, organised asset for their organisation. By using Contact Profiler, you too can experience greater efficiency, better control and increased information upon which to base your recruitment decisions.

You make the rules. Rule #1 – you’re not a secretary!

Contact Profiler is designed to give you as much help as possible to keep your panel up-to-date and vibrant. You don’t make every change yourself, or have to constantly provide information to outsiders. You just set the rules. Panel members can log in at any time to update their profile information, and other people involved in the recruitment process – like external recruiters – have their own portal to log into and see how their recruiting is going. You spend your time value-adding, rather than just trying to keep things organised and up-to-date.

Access your data from anywhere, at any time

The world of desktop applications is drawing to a close. Contact Profiler is a Web based application. You can access it from anywhere that you have an internet connection and a Web browser. Better still, the software is fully hosted for you – so there are no setup concerns. We do everything for you, including assigning the Web address you want to use for your panel.

No per transaction costs. Ever.

It’s always nice to know how much things actually cost. Contact Profiler has simple, no-nonsense monthly pricing based upon what modules you need, and whether you want the up to 50,000 member version, or the unlimited version.