Contact Profiler

Provide a Members Portal

Panel Members can log in to an online portal to update their details, answer polls, view transaction and email history, and redeem rewards. This portal is fully customizable to give your panel a custom “look”, and all content including menus and available pages is editable by you using Contact Profiler’s content management tools.

Set your identity

Many different panel providers use Contact Profiler. We understand the importance of standing out from the crowd, and not being confused with another panel. We therefore offer full theming capabilities for your panel. We work with you and your graphic designer to get a great look for your Members’ Portal site.

Choose your widgets

Regardless of the content you wish to include in your Members’ Portal, you will always want certain details available to members, such as their current level of profile completion, or their credits balance. Contact Profiler has a number of standard widgets that provide such details. All you have to do is choose which page you want the widgets shown on.

Customise your pages

Contact Profiler has a complete content management system – allowing you to create a Members’ Portal with exactly the right functionality and information. You can create any number of pages, set up custom menus, and include any content you desire – including pictures and flash-based content.

Rinse and repeat…

The tools provided by Contact Profiler are so easy to use that you can constantly tweak your site with very little effort. Quickly add pages or modify existing ones. Any changes to attributes or Profile Forms are immediately reflected in the Members’ Portal as soon as the changes are made.