Contact Profiler

Leverage your research panel investment

Contact Profiler is designed to make managing a research panel more efficient and effective than ever before. We give you the tools you need to find, keep and use panel members for your research projects. The basic features mentioned here are available regardless of the types of job you intend to use the system for (recruitment, web or diary).

Save time & money

The biggest “feature” of Contact Profiler is simply that it can save you significant amounts of time and money. Contact Profiler has taken all the data out of the myriad of spreadsheets and “home-brew” databases that many of our clients have used in the past and transformed it into a powerful, organised asset for their organisation. By using Contact Profiler, you too can experience greater efficiency, better control and increased information upon which to base your recruitment decisions.

Track Anything

Members may have any number of “attributes” attached to them. Examples of attributes include gender, birth date and even whether a person likes a certain type of cereal. A member may self-manage the content of their attributes through the Online Members Portal. xxx

Provide a Members Portal

Panel Members can log in to an online portal to update their details, answer polls, view transaction and email history, and redeem rewards. This portal is fully customizable to give your panel a custom “look”, and all content including menus and available pages is editable by you using Contact Profiler’s content management tools.

Screen Job Participants

Screener questionnaires can be set up for each job you run in Contact Profiler. They can be used to find out new information, or confirm existing profile data. Screeners can update a member’s profile if needed, or questions can be job-specific “one-off” questions. A powerful “terminate rules” editor makes “screening out” unsuitable candidates for a particular job a simple “point-and-click” affair.

Recruit Externally

No matter how good your panel is, there is always a job that you do not have sufficient sample for. This is when you need an external recruiter. Contact Profiler’s external recruitment tools allow you to get recruiters to use your screener to screen their candidates, and provides a portal for external recruiters to see how their recruitment for a particular job is progressing.

Use GPS Positioning

All addresses within Contact Profiler are automatically tagged with a GPS location (based upon address suburb and/or postcode). This makes finding people who live around a particular venue, or who live in a particular targeted region, easy to find. This all happens without needing anything more than a location to search from, and how far from that location a person is allowed to live or work.