Contact Profiler

Recruit Externally

No matter how good your panel is, there is always a job that you do not have sufficient sample for. This is when you need an external recruiter. Contact Profiler’s external recruitment tools allow you to get recruiters to use your screener to screen their candidates, and provides a portal for external recruiters to see how their recruitment for a particular job is progressing.

Set up in 30 seconds

Each external recruiter for a particular job can be set up quickly with all the details you need to manage the potential participants they provide. You can enter how much you are willing to pay for a successful participant, even set up what identifying information the external recruiter is willing to provide (some may be willing to provide an Email address, for example, while others may not).

Leverage your screener

Each external recruiter you set up for a job can be provided with their own unique “recruiter link”. This link can be used by the recruiter to validate people for your job. Each person they recruit can enter basic identification details prior to being screened for the job. The screener they complete is the standard screener you have set up in your job – the external recruiter does not need to replicate your screener, saving them time and you money!

The key benefits of the external recruiter link are:

  1. External recruiters have the option of Emailing the link to a large number of possible participants in their database
  2. Alternatively, external recruiters can click on the link each time they call someone on their list to screen them over the telephone
  3. Only basic details are provided back to your Job (often just name and phone number). This is enough for you, but not too much for the recruiter (it’s their person they are providing, after all)
  4. The screener used through the link is your job screener, BUT it can be “skinned” with the external recruiter’s logo, so the recruitment still appears to be coming from them

Easier = Cheaper!

The simplicity provided to your external recruiter should translate into less work for them, even though you can achieve more efficient workflows, and faster turnaround. By using your screener, and pumping their possible candidates directly into your jobs, you don’t have to wait to receive spreadsheet lists or emails, and your recruiters don’t need to spend time compiling them. At it’s easiest, the external recruiter could spend a couple of minutes blasting an Email with their recruiter link out to a group of prospective candidates – Contact Profiler will deal with the rest!

Provide a Portal

Contact Profiler’s external recruitment tools not only make life easy for you – they also make it easy for your external recruiters. Who cares they hold all their lists in a spreadsheet (or worse still a pack of cards in their drawer!). You can bring them with you into the 21st Century – they have a portal where they can see exactly how their participants are doing in your job – who passed or failed the screener, who is attending or has attended a job, and most importantly, how much they can expect to be paid for the people they have provided.

Manage your costs

The rates to be paid to individual recruiters can be stored within Contact Profiler, and reporting of what is owed to each of your external recruiters is very straightforward. Like all reports, the format can be customised in Microsoft Word – ensuring that your reports are not only useful, but also very professional looking.