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Rewriting the economics of research diaries

Research diaries are one of the most costly, time consuming, administratively difficult and frustrating types of research jobs. Printing costs, response co-ordination, data entry and reporting all take their toll in terms of time and cost. Contact Profiler makes this a thing of the past with its online research diary job module.

Pre-screen respondents

You can pre-screen your diary participants before the diary process even begins. For example, if you’re looking to do a radio diary, you could send out a screener to people in the correct geographical area, and screen for people who actually listen regularly to the radio.

Create diary books

A diary “book” is simply a diary that begins on a certain day. You set who is eligible to be included in the book, what days the book relates to and when data can be entered. If you want to stagger your job, you simply create multiple books – each with it’s own commencement date.

Create diary content

The content of the diary is up to you. You choose what time markers are used throughout the day, and how a participant may enter their times. Choose the activity the diary relates to (eg. Radio stations) and ask any amount of additional information (eg. Where listened to, format listened to).

Manage the process

One of the hardest things you have to do in diary jobs is manage your repondents to ensure you get sufficient responses, and they are reminded to complete their diary at appropriate times. Contact Profiler has straightforward tools to allow you to quickly see how responses are progressing, and to remind respondents as needed.

Get the Results

Results can be exported straight out of Contact Profiler in a simple format that can be opened in Excel, or loaded into other applications if required.