Contact Profiler

Manage the process

One of the hardest things you have to do in diary jobs is manage your repondents to ensure you get sufficient responses, and they are reminded to complete their diary at appropriate times. Contact Profiler has straightforward tools to allow you to quickly see how responses are progressing, and to remind respondents as needed.

Manage your contacts

All of the tools that are available throughout Contact Profiler for contacts are also available for Diaries. You can screen people, categorise them into respondent types and manage them through the job contacts system. You can Email or SMS them when needed.

Allocate with confidence

The allocation to diary books is bound by the rules you set. Only people of the correct respondent type can be allocated, and only the number of people you have indicated should be in a book will be allowed into that book. Mass allocations to books can be performed very efficiently, making the whole process both reliable and quick.

Manage your respondents

The key areas of management that Contact Profiler deals with include:

  1. Tracking response levels for individual books
  2. Emailing of initial invitations to diary books
  3. Emailing of invitations to each new diary entry day