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Pre-screen respondents

You can pre-screen your diary participants before the diary process even begins. For example, if you’re looking to do a radio diary, you could send out a screener to people in the correct geographical area, and screen for people who actually listen regularly to the radio.

Find the needle…

Sometimes finding the right candidates it like “finding a needle in a haystack”. Screening is always a great way to trawl a large group of candidates, and then quickly sift through them to find the people you are really looking for.

Get quality respondents

By screening people before they participate in a diary, you know at least two very important things:

  1. They will receive your communications and they are likely to respond to them – since they responded to the screener
  2. You will have the right mix of people for your diary, because you know enough from the screener to make judgements about what types of people will be completing the diary